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    Brooks App Features

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    • Homepage: Makes it easy to navigate
    • Filter: Robust filters to find the products you need
    • Improved search: Auto Suggestion Pop-Up in the search field
    • Product page: Makes it easy to review product information, then quickly add to cart
    • Cart: Designed to make ordering easy with two-step checkout
    • “You may also like”: Menu of helpful product suggestions

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    Meticulously designed so that it is readable and usable on various mobile devices!

    Brings Brook's breadth and depth of products into a modern, fast “easy-to-use” application!

    Ready to Experience the Brooks App?

    01. Download

    Download via the Apple® App Store or Google ® Play.

    Get it on Google Play Download on the App Store

    02. Registration

    Users will be able to register quickly and simply while maintaining account access control.

    Access to place orders and see pricing can be managed through Account Administration within the App.

    03. Homepage

    • Search Bar
    • Browse by Category
    • Browse by Brand
    • Part Number Lookup
    • Barcode Scan

    04. Search

    On the Homepage there is a "Search" feature that provides results based on predefined search terms plus product categories and sub-categories.

    05. Browse by Category

    "Category" groups include relevant products. To provide a better experience on a mobile device, products exist as individual product pages, as opposed to product groupings. This tradeoff gives users the ability to find the exact part they want, without having to go through an additional grouped list at the end of their search. Users can leverage the “Filters” under each category to narrow the number of parts they scroll through.

    06. Browse by Brand

    "Brands" include relevant products. The functionality is the same as “Browse by Category” but gives users another way to begin their search.

    07. Part Number Lookup

    The "Part Number Lookup" feature allows users to input a specific part number or part of a part number. As they add digits, the parts listed will only include part numbers with the alpha-numeric values entered.

    08. Barcode Scan

    Users can scan a "Barcode" on a product and it will pull up any product that we have barcode data for.

    09. Product Filters

    "Product Filters" are available when browsing by category and brand. They allow users to drill down to desired products based on features and sub-features that have been developed by experts.

    10. You May Also Like

    At the bottom of every product page is a "Product Carousel" with helpful suggestions for users to add to their cart.

    11. Add to Cart

    Users can quickly and easily add products to their "Cart" while they continue shopping.

    12. Checkout

    "Checkout" is a streamlined 2-step process.

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    Get it on Google Play Download on the App Store

    Brooks App FAQs

    The Brooks App is for Brooks Equipment’s customers. Non-customers can access the App as an unregistered user, which will give them access to view product information but without pricing or access to any additional content or tools.

    Specifically, customer contacts that are listed under a customer’s account in our database can register to use the App.

    Yes! The Brooks App is specifically designed to give users the best experience possible while accessing Brooks’ products, content, and digital tools on a smartphone or tablet.

    You should use the website when you are working from a desktop or laptop computer. Whenever you are working from a smartphone or tablet, you should take advantage of the Brooks App.

    The App was designed to be used on a smartphone or tablet, and the website is designed for use on a desktop or laptop computer. The user interface, methodology, and programming are unique to each.

    We will be looking for opportunities to enhance both the website and the App to meet our customers’ needs. If there is a feature you would like that isn't on one or the other, please provide that feedback to your account manager.

    You can download the Brooks App from the Google Play® or Apple® App store.

    To log in to the Brooks App, you must first register and follow the quick and easy steps to create your username (email address) and password.

    Please note, the login and password you use for the Brooks Equipment website will not work for the Brooks App.

    Once you have registered and have completed your log in and password set up, you can log in from the home screen of the App.

    You can register by selecting "Register" and submitting some basic information (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Brooks Account #). In order to use the App under your Brooks Account, you must receive authorization from the contact listed as the Account Administrator under your Brooks Account. If you are not the Administrator Contact, an email notification will be sent to the person that is, so they can authorize your access.

    For our customer’s convenience, users who know their www.BrooksEquipment.com website Account Password can select the “Are you a Brooks Admin” box during registration and enter that password. This is another avenue to gain authorized access.

    By default, the Account Administrator, listed under your Account at Brooks, can authorize App access to other contacts (listed under your Account in the Brooks database). The Account Administrator can designate other contacts to be Administrators in the App through Account Administration in the App main menu.

    In addition to designating other Administrators within the App, Account Administration allows the Administrator to control the level of access other registered App users have (see pricing, place orders, etc.).

    To change the Account Administrator for your Account, call or email your Brooks Account Manager.

    Yes! App use under your account can be managed under Account Administration.

    No. Each user’s cart is tied to their profile. This will allow each user to build their cart independently as they gather information for a specific job or need.

    The same payment methods that are available under your account are available through the App. Additionally, users can add new credit cards to use when placing orders.

    During the streamlined checkout process, users will be able to select different payment options.

    The same freight billing methods that are available under your account are available through the App.

    During the streamlined checkout process, users will be able to select different freight billing options.

    The same shipping methods that are available when placing an order on the website are available when placing an order through the App.

    During the streamlined checkout process, users will be able to select different shipping methods.

    Yes, you can view orders from the previous 90 days.

    Not at this time, but this functionality will be available in the future.

    Account-specific pricing.

    The App gives users the ability to find products through several different avenues

    • Search
    • Browse by Category
      • Scroll through or filter down the products in the category you are viewing.
    • Browse by Brand
      • Scroll through or filter down the products in the brand you are viewing.
    • Part Number Lookup
      • Know the part number or the beginning of the part number you are looking for; scroll through or type the part number.

    The search tool in the App pulls up parts associated with preset search terms and groupings or sub-groupings associated with category filters. This is to ensure the App provides a quick return for each user’s search.

    We are continually enriching search by uploading new and more relevant search terms. If there are terms that should be associated with parts, email the team at BrooksApp@BrooksEquipment.com.

    Filters are available for every category and brand to provide users a means to filter products through category-relevant features.

    The barcode scanner can be opened and then used to scan a barcode on the product of interest. Please note you must give the App permission to access your device’s camera. The product will come up if Brooks carries that part AND has the barcode data tagged to that part in its database. Having barcode data for as many possible products as possible is an ongoing effort.

    Yes. You can select them underneath the product main image on the product page. If the symbol is “illuminated” it means there is a document or 360° image. If it’s “greyed”, it means we currently don’t have a spec sheet, 360° image, or document.

    You can email your questions to the team at BrooksApp@BrooksEquipment.com. You can also talk to your Account Manager. If they don’t know the answer, they can get into contact with someone who does.

    Feedback is appreciated, and you can email your feedback to the team at BrooksApp@BrooksEquipment.com

    The App Development Team will be optimizing and adding new features and functionality regularly. When something significant has been added, customers and users will be notified through email announcements.

    Still have questions? Contact our support team via email at BrooksApp@BrooksEquipment.com