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    Brooks Rewards

    For over 75 years, everything we do at Brooks has been aimed at giving you a greater level of products, services, and value. To show our gratitude for your loyalty, we created our Brooks Rewards Program—giving you greater access to all that we provide.


    Free Comprehensive Account Overview:

    Save time. Save Money. And operate more efficiently by letting Brooks show you how bundling your products and services can work in your favor.

    Monthly “Rewards Technician Series” Issue/Article/Chapter:

    Let Brooks help create better outcomes for you and your customers by keeping you up-to-date with invaluable information. This monthly publication has everything from code updates and educational information to technical “how-to” directions and tips.

    Free Personalized Product Flyers:

    Increase your potential for revenue, and impress your customers, by private labeling any flyer in our library. Rewards Member-Only Product Promotions: A great way to take advantage of extra savings on genuine Brooks products.

    Members also get:

    • Discounted First Choice Catalogs
    • First Release Privileges
    • Copy of E-Hot Topics to registered technicians
    • Unlimited "Find-It" access

    Enroll Today!

    To Enroll in the Brooks Rewards Program and begin receiving these Member Benefits, Enroll Here or Contact your Account Manager.