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    E-light Training Class Information

    Our E-Light (Exit and Emergency Lighting) Training Classes are designed to provide the hands-on knowledge you and your technicians need to do the job. They are also designed to keep you current on the latest product innovations, local and national codes, and, most importantly, how to sell these products and services.

    In class, each student will receive a copy of Brooks' Learning Center Manual, Introduction to Emergency Lighting Sales and Services, and a certificate, upon completion of the class.

    E-Light Segment One: For Salespersons and Service Personnel
    (8:30am -11:50am) E-Light Training Class Dates and Registration

    Cost: $75


    1. Training Sessions:
    • Sales and Marketing Planning - “How to be successful”
    • What is emergency lighting?
    • Why should I get into the business?
    • National Standards and Regulations
    1. Brooks’ Learning Center Manual - Introduction to Emergency Lighting Sales & Services
    2. Printed Certification

    E-Light Segment Two: Extended Course Hands-on Training
    (1pm–4pm) E-Light Training Class Dates and Registration

    Cost: Contact your sales rep for pricing.
    Once you have registered for an upcoming class, your account manager will contact you to process your order.


    1. Segment One (8:30 am–11:50 am), at no additional charge
    2. Testing Equipment Package – Click Here for Test Equipment Package List
    3. Hands-On Testing – Each attendee will have a work station
    4. Updated Emergency Lighting Guidebook
    5. Examination – Written and hands-on test
    6. Printed Certification

    Are you serious about growing your business?

    By attending Brooks Equipment E-light Training Classes and receiving hands-on training, equipment, and inventory, your employee(s) will be empowered to successfully generate additional income. If you follow the steps provided in these Brooks Equipment Training Classes, you will recover the cost of the equipment and training quickly.

    What if servicing emergency lights doesn’t work for my company?

    You may return any unused inventory for resale (in the original packaging and with your order number or invoice number) within 60 days of attending the training.

    How do I sign up?

    To register, click the link below. Or feel free to email or call Bob Mete at 800.826.3473 if you have questions.

    E-Light Training Class Dates and Registration

    Important Information to keep in mind:
    • Continental breakfast provided by Brooks Equipment (8:00 am)
    • Attendees should arrive no later than 8:15 am
    • Confirmation will be made upon receipt of completed registration
    • Applicants will not be allowed to attend class without confirmation
    • Casual dress is recommended due to hands-on training and maintenance
    • The fee does not cover lodging or any other travel expenses
    • Attendees will be responsible for their lunch

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    Space is limited due to hands on training.

    Meet Your Instructor

    With nearly 30 years of instruction, sales, and marketing experience in the lighting industry, Bob Mete puts his extensive e-light knowledge to work for you in these power-packed classes. Joining Brooks in 1999, he brought his vast knowledge in the electrical/lighting industry with him, helping us develop our Emergency Lighting Training Programs. This makes him a valuable asset, not only to Brooks, but also to those wanting to enter the world of emergency lighting sales and service.

    Bob Mete
    Product Manager - Emergency Lighting