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    Extinguisher Tags, Labels, Collars, and Seals: Make Sure You Are “Up To Date”

    By Mark Conroy

    If you have been in the extinguisher business for a while, you know how critical it is to have the right tags, labels, and collars in your inventory. Since you must punch tags, labels, and collars with the current year’s date on them, you need to make sure you have an adequate supply of the right record products. Brooks’ technical staff has done the research, so you know our products will not only be NFPA compliant but will also comply with state fire regulations (6 states with specific criteria). Our tags, labels, and collars match national and state regulations for color, recording information, and materials. Here is what you will need to be “Up To Date” in 2019.

    2019 Extinguisher Records

    Service Tag Service Collar 6-Year Maintenance Low Pressure Hydrotest Combo Hydro and 6-Year Conductivity

    2019 State Specific Service Tags

    California Florida Georgia Illinois Louisiana Texas

    2019 State Specific Service Labels

    California Hydrotest Texas 6-Year
    Georgia 6-Year
    Georgia and Texas
    White Vinyl Metalized Metalized DOT

    2019 Collars

    Collar I.D. Color Blank Custom California
    1 3/8" Green SC1 SSPCC1 SSPCCAL1
    1 3/4" Gray SC2 SSPCC2 SSPCCAL2
    2 1/8" Blue SC3 SSPCC3 SSPCCAL3
    3 1/16" Violet SC4 SSPCC4 SSPCCAL4

    Notes: Brooks’ Verification of Service Collars are approved for use in Georgia. For California, company name and E# are required by state law.


    Tamper Seals

    Also make sure you have a supply of dated or color coded tamper seals. All Brooks Tamper Seals are listed, so you know they are NFPA compliant.

    It is critical that you have a supply of tags, labels, collars, and seals with the latest dates on them so you can provide accurate records for your customers and the AHJ can verify your work. Make sure you have checked your current supply so you can record 2019 information and be code compliant.

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    Mark Conroy is an engineer in our Boston, MA office and a principal member of the NFPA Technical Committee on Portable Fire Extinguishers. © 2018 Brooks Equipment.

    Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in the above Tech Series article are the author’s only and provide limited information. Although the information is believed to be reliable, Brooks Equipment Company, LLC expressly disclaims any warranty with respect to the information and any liability for errors or omissions. The user of this article or the product(s) is responsible for verifying the information’s accuracy from all available sources, including the product manufacturer. The authority having jurisdiction should be contacted for code interpretations.