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    ABC Fire Extinguisher Cost Calculator

    Brooks has created an ABC Fire Extinguisher Cost Calculator just for you, designed to help explain the cost effectiveness of fire extinguishers to your customers. Available exclusively to Brooks customers, this easy-to-use tool asks you to enter the number of square feet to be protected, the hazard class (low, moderate, high), the extinguisher rating (3A:40B:C, etc) and the number of extra extinguishers you think they might need to meet any special requirements. Then enter the prices you charge your customers, the cost calculator will calculate the basic annual cost per square foot your customers can expect to pay for their ABC fire extinguishers. And compared to the cost of sprinkler systems (up to $2 per square foot), ABC fire extinguishers offer a significant savings (average of 5¢ per square foot) without sacrificing your customer's fire protection. Combined with code requirements, this is one heck of an argument to help convince customers of the value ABC extinguisher installation and your services offer.

    ABC Calculator

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