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    Fire Extinguisher Covers Are Required

    By Mark Conroy

    It is not very well known, but fire extinguishers that have the potential to be exposed to damage from environmental conditions are required to be installed with protective covers. Not only is it common sense, there is a provision in NFPA 10, Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers that mandates them. Fire extinguishers installed under conditions where they are subject to physical damage (e.g., from impact, vibration, the environment) shall be protected against damage.
    (NFPA 10, 2013 Edition)

    Almost every extinguisher that is outdoors needs an extinguisher cover to protect it from the elements. This includes extinguishers hung on the outsides of buildings, extinguishers at fueling racks, and extinguishers mounted on the outside of vehicles, such as fuel and trash trucks. Other applications include wheeled extinguishers that are outside at industrial facilities. Brooks not only offers extinguisher covers for wheeled units, but we also have extinguisher covers for most hand extinguishers, including cartridge operated extinguishers that are frequently employed for vehicles and installed in industrial plants.

    Every Brooks fire extinguisher cover is made of high-quality materials. We offer two grades of extinguisher covers that are available for most sizes of extinguishers. Offering two grades allows your customers the choice of a standard economical cover or a heavy-duty one, which will last significantly longer. All of the Brooks extinguisher covers are red and are marked with appropriate wording or an extinguisher icon with the word “fire" in it. The markings are black, which contrasts with the red and can be seen at a significant distance from the extinguisher, so it can be easily identified in the event of a fire emergency.

    It’s a good idea to take a close look at extinguisher covers during annual maintenance of extinguishers. When you remove the extinguisher cover, examine the condition of the material, the hook and loop closure or elastic-back, and the window, where provided. Some extinguisher covers also have pull bottom tabs and straps that must be examined for wear. If any of these items are appear significantly worn or damaged, it is time for a new extinguisher cover.

    Although, extinguisher covers typically have a several-year lifespan, under normal conditions, an annual examination of the extinguisher cover will reveal any damage or abnormal wear. Do not be afraid to recommend a new extinguisher cover replacement for one that is damaged or difficult to remove. Your customers will need to access the extinguisher rapidly in a fire emergency and will not want to be delayed in removing a worn-out extinguisher cover. That is because every extinguisher must be “easily accessible and readily available". A worn out cover that impedes access to an extinguisher is a safety concern that needs immediate action. Since repair is not usually an option, replacement with a new cover solves the problem.

    Portable fire extinguishers must be readily available and in good working order. Installing extinguisher covers to protect extinguishers that are subject to harsh environmental conditions will help assure the extinguisher is protected and undamaged. Also replacing worn or damaged covers helps protect the extinguisher from damage and keeps them easily accessible and readily available. Selling extinguisher covers, where you know they are needed, will make your installations code-compliant, will help protect the extinguishers, and will improve your bottom line.

    Brooks Extinguisher Covers

    Reinforced Vinyl Fire Extinguisher Covers (Hook and Loop)

    P/N Viewing Window Small Medium Large Dimensions
    FEC1 No     20" x 11 ½"
    FEC1W Yes     20" x 11 ½"
    FEC2 No     25" x 16 ½"
    FEC2W Yes     25" x 16 ½"
    FEC3 No     31" x 16 ½"
    FEC3W Yes     31" x 16 ½"

    Reinforced Vinyl Fire Extinguisher Covers (Elastic Back)

    P/N Viewing Window Small Medium Large Dimensions
    FEC4E No     18" x 6 ½"
    FEC4EW Yes     18" x 6"
    FEC5E No     22 ½" x 6 ¼"
    FEC5EW Yes     22 ½" x 6 ¼"
    FEC6E No     25 ½" x 8"
    FEC3W Yes     25 ½" x 8"

    Wheeled Extinguisher Covers

    P/N Description Heavy Duty Dimensions
    WUC3 50/75 lb CO2   54" x 16" x 27"
    WUC6 50/75 lb CO2 54" x 16" x 27"
    FEC5E 50 lb Dry Chem   47 ½" x 16" x 24"
    FEC5EW 125/150 lb Dry Chem   53" x 42" x 30"
    FEC6E 125/150 lb Dry Chem 53" x 42" x 30"
    FEC3W 350 lb Dry Chem   58" x 52" x 38"
    FEC3W 350 lb Dry Chem 58" x 52" x 38"

    Heavy-Duty Polyester Fire Extinguisher Covers (Acrylic Coated)

    P/N Description Dimensions
    FEC10 Ex-Small 18 ½" x 7"
    FEC7 Small 20" x 11 ½"
    FEC8 Medium 25" x 16 ½"
    FEC9 Large 31" x 16 ½"

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