• Fire Departments: Life Safety Gear They Need

    By Mark Conroy

    Fire Departments need help finding and procuring their equipment just like anyone else. For instance, their vehicles need to carry certain lifesaving equipment. NFPA 1901, Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus dictates the minimum equipment that needs to be on the vehicles. Although the requirements vary, depending on the type of vehicle, below is a list of items that are pretty universal.

    Parts to Offer Fire Departments

    Axe, Pickhead 406Y
    Axe, Flathead 407Y
    Axe Mounting Bracket AB408
    Portable Hand Light SL905
    Combo Spanner Wrench STW
    Hydrant Wrench W580
    Rescue Tool TL89
    Drum Bung Wrench JR08805D
    Wheel Chock, Single PMWC
    Wheel Chock, Double MDWC
    Highway Flares SF3036
    Form Holder (Metal) FH8512
    Megaphone MPHONES
    Nomex Firefighting Hood BZ33
    80-B:C Dry Chemical Extinguisher AX456
    2.5 Gallon Water Extinguisher AX240
    Fire Extinguisher Covers FEC
    First Aid Kit (Responder) FA510FR
    Eyewash (16 oz) 454EB
    Double Female 2½" Adapter (NST/NH) B742
    Double Male 1½" Adapter (NST/NH) 731
    Public Safety Vests PSV
    Orange Traffic Cone 28"–Reflective Stripes TC2864
    Fully Automatic AED ZAEDPLUSA
    6% AFFF Foam Concentrate, 5 gal Pail 6AFFF
    Yellow Barricade Tape (Fire Line) SLYFL
    Leather Work Gloves 12010
    Disposable Blue Gloves (Nitrile) NIPFT

    Chances are that your local fire department does not have the time to search the internet to find the right gear to keep them safe. Make time to stop at the fire station on your service route and introduce yourself. Let them know that you have access to top-quality equipment that has been selected by our engineering team to meet their needs. Remember, they need quality equipment to stand up over time to rough use, and you can source it for them. You will save the fire department time, and they will get the high-quality products they need to keep them safe in the field.

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    Mark Conroy is an engineer in our Boston, MA office and a fire code consultant. © 2019 Brooks Equipment.

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