• Volume 19, Issue 4 | 4th Quarter

    Employee Spotlight

    Meet Jeff Maurer

    Warehouse Manager, Charlotte

    In 1994, Jeff was a self-employed Brick Mason, here in Charlotte, and doing some work for Tom Neal, owner of Brooks Equipment at the time. Over the course of this work, he and Mr. Neal had a number of off-the-cuff conversations, one of which lead directly to Jeff being hired for a yet-to-be-established warehouse in Pittsburgh, PA. See, Jeff was from Altoona, PA and was looking to move back, along with his wife. And it just so happened that Tom was planning on opening a new Brooks warehouse in Pittsburgh—less than a couple hours from Altoona. Apparently, after some “incessant urging,” Mr. Neal offered him the warehouse manager job in Pittsburgh.

    It went on like that until 2002, when he and his wife hit the road, again, back to Charlotte, where Jeff took on new responsibilities as Assistant Warehouse Director in the Charlotte warehouse. In 2012, he and his wife were on the road again, this time to Brook Park, OH to open yet another new Brooks warehouse location. That lasted about five years, when in 2017, he was asked to come south to manage the Charlotte warehouse, where he continues to ply his trade. But even here, he couldn’t escape another move. And instead of his wife, this time, he had to take the warehouse with him to Brooks’ newest location—Concord, NC.

    Today, he’s having fun running our new state-of-the-art warehouse along with a “great team of hard workers, who get the job done,” says Jeff. He also made a point of saying, “Our customers are the reason we’re here—without them, there’d be no us.” And for that, Jeff and his team go out of their way to serve each and every customer, well, like their jobs depend on it.

    Away from work, you’d think Jeff and his wife, Sue, would do anything but go somewhere. But you’d be wrong. He and Sue are always on the move, walking and hiking…taking in all that Mother Nature has to offer here and there. They also go back to Pittsburgh frequently to visit family, especially their daughter and granddaughters.

    Jeff is really thankful for what he has, and Brooks is thankful for having him.

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