• Volume 20, Issue 3 | 3rd Quarter

    Employee Spotlight

    Meet Tommy Edwards

    West Coast Regional Operations Manager, Seattle Warehouse

    One of Brooks’ long-time employees, Tommy Edwards, has spent close to 40 years with the company—a huge accomplishment by any standard. Back in 1983, Tommy was part of a local Bowling Team in Houston Texas. Everyone on the team, except him, worked for Brooks. And it was that relationship that eventually led Tommy to a job, with Brooks at their Houston warehouse.

    Prior to coming aboard at Brooks, Tommy worked in marine supply distribution as well as at the local bowling alley. When he started with Brooks, he worked in the warehouse picking and packing customer orders. Today, he’s the Brooks Regional Operations Manager for the west coast, overseeing warehouse operations.

    Having spent so many years with Brooks, Tommy has cultivated many relationships with co-workers and customers alike. When asked what he enjoys most about working at Brooks, he said, “The relationships I have with my co-workers—old and new!” And when it comes to his customers, no one tries harder to make them feel part of the Brooks family. He doesn’t just listen to their needs, but hears them loud and clear—doing everything in his power to meet them.

    Very much like a professional ball team or professional soldiers, there is a comradery that transcends simple friendships. And it’s that type of relationship that gives Tommy, and his coworkers, the motivation to be the best they can be at Brooks. It involves a lot of hard work, too, but that’s another part of the comradery and something they take in stride.

    Outside of work, and the bowling alley, Tommy dotes on his beautiful wife. Living in the Seattle area affords them some great scenery and things to do “outside.” And they take full advantage, with day trips and whatnot as often as possible. Tommy also pointed out how thankful he is that his wife hung in there with him as he moved around the country for his work and the chance it provided for advancement. Obviously, it paid off in both cases—he has a great job and an exceptionally great lady

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