• Volume 20, Issue 1 | 1st Quarter

    Employee Spotlight

    Meet Ken Madura

    Branch Manager Elk Grove Village Warehouse

    In 1986, and an unemployed Auto Worker, Ken made the best call of his working career—accepting a position with Brooks at their Elk Grove Village warehouse in Illinois. Back then, this was a very small Brooks location, just 3,500 square feet. But both the warehouse and Ken’s duties would grow in time.

    Starting out as an order picker, bagging and packing parts and products, Ken also coupled fire hose—up to 50 lengths per day! Labor intensive and time consuming, Ken kept at it until he advanced to Branch Manager. Five warehousemoves later—each one bigger than the last—he’s learned to handle just about anything Brooks can throw his way.

    Asked what’s the best part about working for Brooks, he grins and says, “Moving.” He laughs and says, “I’m just kidding! It’s the people… customers and coworkers alike that I see and talk to daily that are best part of my job!” He’s made a number of good friends through work and at work and enjoys coming in every day—putting the key in the door and turning the knob to a new day—even after nearly 35 years!

    And when it comes to customers, Ken takes no shortcuts. “I always try to go the extra mile to help them anyway I can,” he says. Professional to the core, Ken keeps things friendly with his customers, listening to them talk about their families and about other things going on in their lives. “I treat people the way I’d like to be treated,” he insists.

    An athletic fellow, Ken grew up participating in all kinds of sports. So it’s no wonder that away from work, Ken was very active in tournament softball, including many years of coaching his daughters’ softball teams— from park district through travel ball. But as his daughters outgrew softball, and his aches and pains grew greater with age, he gravitated to something a little easier on the body— bowling. He’s no novice either, having bowled in national events in various states and still enjoys leagues.

    Ken’s got a lot to be thankful for, too—two wonderful daughters, good health, great friends, an outstanding girlfriend, and almost 35 years in a great job, with a great company—Brooks

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