• Volume 21, Issue 4 | 4th Quarter

    Employee Spotlight

    Meet Junior Briones

    International Sales Development

    After graduating from Belmont Abbey College in 2008, armed with a BA in International Business, Junior joined the Exports Department at Brooks. In August 2013, he left Brooks to earn a Master’s Degree in International Development in the UK. Eventually moving back to Charlotte, Junior rejoined Brooks in August 2022 with a position in International Sales Development.

    Responsible for developing business opportunities and relationships internationally, Junior serves and manages Brooks’ international clientele, ensuring their every need is looked after. Working at Brooks now “is like returning home,” says Junior. He has great memories from previous years of employment and service to customers. He again gets to work with colleagues and customers he has come to know and respect.

    Junior’s motto in life is “don’t let the mule of your mind ride on the back of your spirit.” The gist of which is “let your spirit guide the mind in all that you do.” He’s also fond of treating others as he would like to be treated. And to help achieve these adages, he works hard to maintain his physical and mental health through exercise, reading, and eating well.

    His most favorite place on the planet happens to be Venice Italy, which he visits as much as possible. He never gets tired of it either. Speaking of favorites, his top two palatable choices have to be Ceviche and good steaks.

    When not at work, Junior spends a lot of time with his wife, Mariana, and his four sons (Leo 2, Elias 3, Virgilio Emanuel 4, and Joshua 15). He coaches and plays soccer and loves deep-sea fishing. And something very few know about Junior, is that he spent a lot of time working with Indian tribes in the Amazon rainforest of South America, where he participated in many native medicinal rituals and ceremonies.

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