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    Volume 22, Issue 2 | 2nd Quarter

    Evan Toney

    Employee Spotlight

    Meet Evan Toney

    Account Manager

    Starting with Brooks in 2021, Evan has over a decade of experience as a line cook, bringing unique skills to his current role as an Account Manager. Covering primarily the mid-west region, Evan manages accounts throughout the country. He enjoys the flexibility of working from home or reporting to the office, creating a hybrid work environment, and the opportunity to “change the scenery.”

    Although successful in his role, Evan’s passion is music. If he weren’t an account manager, he would have pursued a career in music production/engineering. His ultimate dream job would be being a rock star on tour! He also loves coffee and doughnuts—from QT.

    Evan’s philosophy is to live life one day at a time and enjoy life’s fruits. His favorite place in the world is at home, where he can disconnect from the world and unwind after a long day. Evan has a profound belief that one should enjoy what they do because success comes naturally when you love what you do. “One day at a time” and “life is a garden, so dig it,” says Evan.

    When Evan is not at work, he spends most of his time in his home studio, making music and learning to produce professionally. He also spends quality time with his fiancé, Teresa, and their two beloved dogs, Cuddles and Ringo.

    A fun fact about Evan is that he is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist musician. He can play guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and sing. If you are looking for an account manager with experience, passion, and a unique perspective, Evan will be music to your ears.

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