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    Product Spotlight

    Portable Fire Extinguishers
    Badger Brigade

    Badger™ Brigade

    Badger™ BRIGADE CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) CARTRIDGE OPERATED FIRE EXTINGUISHERS are the industry’s most effective fire extinguishers of their kind. Available in ABC, BC, or Purple K, these units use carbon dioxide expellant gas and feature deep-drawn, seamless steel construction with corrosion-resistant cylinders for maximum performance. USCG approved with bracket listed on the UL label. For use down to –40°F.

    Amerex Z-Series

    Amerex® Z-Series

    Z-Series Video

    Amerex® Z-Series™ HIGH-PERFORMANCE FIRE EXTINGUISHERS offer an exclusive paint process, fewer moving parts, and simple designs for the ultimate in corrosion resistance with minimal repair and maintenance costs. Available in both Fast Flow and Compliance Flow models, they also offer superior fire protection, in the harshest environments, with greater reliability than cartridge-operated units. Wall brackets included.

    Badger Advantage

    Badger™ Advantage

    Badger™ ADVANTAGE MULTIPURPOSE FIRE EXTINGUISHERS are made to handle easier and be recharged quicker, thanks to a larger neck opening. The square thread design allows the valve to be removed and installed quickly. Heavy-duty plated steel siphon tubes are threaded for a more secure connection, and the polymer hose strap will not scratch the cylinder. Larger pull pin and handles are easy to operate—even with work gloves.

    Amerex ABD Dry Chemical

    Amerex® ABC Dry Chemical

    Amerex® ABC DRY CHEMICAL FIRE EXTINGUISHERS use a monoammonium phosphate dry chemical to insulate Class A fires by melting and clinging to the heated surface. On Class B fires, they smother and break the chain reaction and are non-conductors of electricity. USCG approved with bracket listed on the UL label.

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