• Jerome City Fire Department Applauds Use of Fire Extinguishers in Structure Fire

    KMTV (Twin Falls, ID)

    July 25, 2017

    Just before noon, the Jerome City Fire Department responded to an explosion.

    According to Shannon Lee, "It was big and loud." 

    Sharon said she was inside her home when she heard it. "It was so loud that it shook my house," she said.

    After she called 911, the Jerome City Fire Department made their way to the area, but when they arrived, there wasn't a lot to be done.

    "The workers in the building put the fire out with some extinguishers," said Chief Tom Hughes.

    Sticking around to do the official investigation, the fire department found that workers had been grinding on metal, sparking fuel vapors. 

    As for Sharon, she applauded her neighbor's quick thinking.

    "That's the first thing they did," she said. "They grabbed the fire extinguishers before the fire department came and used them to put the fire out."

    Chief Hughes said it's good to have fire extinguishers in shops and garages.

    Source: Emily Duke, KMVT 11, Jerome City Fire Department Applauds Use Of Extinguishers In Structure Fire, July 25, 2017