• Knox Lock on Hydrant Knox Lock on Hydrant
    Knox Locks
    • Prevents costly back flushing
    • No more lost, broken, or stolen plugs and caps
    • Protects against debris, animals, and freezing weather
    • Approved for the State of Tennessee and Express
      Cities across the country.

    Cities where caps are
    pre-approved for installation
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    How Do They Work?

    Fire Ttuck and Fire Hose

    In the event of a fire, Fire Departments connect to an FDC (Fire Department Connection) to supplement a sprinkler or standpipe system.


    Unprotected FDCs are vulnerable to debris and nesting animals that clog the pipes and prevent the flow of water.

    Knox FDC Locks

    Knox FDC Locks protect these connections and keep pipes clean, ensuring the maximum flow of water.


    “At Brooks Equipment, we feel strongly about helping fire departments increase efficiencies, and the partnership with the Knox Company allows us to play a role in helping both businesses and firefighters when fires occur,”
    - Robert Bell, Jr., General Manager, Brooks Equipment.

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