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    Manual Pull Station Guards: Required in Restaurant Systems to Ensure Business Continuity

    By Mark Conroy

    Your restaurant customers don’t want business interruptions due to an unwanted discharge of the kitchen system. Install pull station guards for safety around the manual actuation devices and assure your customer’s piece of mind in heavy traffic areas where these pull station installations are required.

    Every restaurant system is required to have manual pull stations for the manual actuation of the system. These devices are suppression system releasing devices connected directly by cables to the control head. Due to the direct connection, there is no time delay. When operated, the fire suppression system immediately dumps extinguishing agent onto the cooking appliances and up into the exhaust duct. If a pull station is inadvertently snagged and the suppression system is operated, your customer’s cooking operations might be down for an extended period.

    Manual pull stations must be easily accessible in the event of a fire and located in the path of egress. Therefore, they are most often installed in locations where they are subject to accidental snagging by clothing, food carts, and general traffic passing by. To prevent an unwanted discharge of the system, manual pull station guards must be installed. Since they are often overlooked during initial installation of the system, retrofitting pull stations with guards has become a common practice.

    Maintenance of restaurant systems is conducted every six months and includes the testing of each manual pull station for proper operation. That’s your best opportunity to install guards to preclude an unwanted discharge. These devices ensure safety from unwanted operation of the system and help keep your customer’s operations running continuously.

    Manual Pull Station Guards Compatibility

    P/N Shape Inside Dimensions Brooks Ansul Amerex Kidde Buckeye Pyro-Chem Badger Range-Guard
    PG1 Round 4 5/8" Dia ASRP 4835 A435960 A434618 AX21481        
    PG2 Round 4 1/4" Dia ASRP (R) 4835 (R)          
    PG3 Rectangle 5 3/16" H
    4 5/16" W
          K120110 RPS-M PC551074

    (R) = recessed mounting for round pull stations, all others are surface mounted.

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