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    NFPA Improves Their Website

    By Mark Conroy

    On November 3, NFPA announced improvements to their Web site. The hardworking folks over at NFPA have done it again. A few months ago, they sent a survey out to several thousand committee members asking many questions, with a focus on how to serve their membership better. One major significant improvement is the information provided for users and enforcers of the National Fire Code set. The announcement came with a reference to the following link:


    We went to their Web site by way of the above link and checked out NFPA 10, Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers. We are pleased to report that all the information that anyone needs on the standard is right there and it is accurate. Anyone with an interest can now go to one location and view Formal Interpretations, Tentative Interim Amendments, Errata and also preview the document prior to purchase. The current committee list and information on the next revision is there under Next Edition. You can still click on the Report on Proposals (ROP) and Report on Comments (ROC) which are the reports for the development of the 2010 edition of NFPA 10. Because they are electronic, you can do searches for key words or paragraph numbers. These reports are always of interest to anyone following a revision of a standard. The archived revision information is also there for viewing which comes in handy if the latest edition of a standard has not yet been adopted.

    If you see something they missed, let us know and we’ll talk to them. As shown by the action on the survey, we’re sure they’re listening. Many thanks to the NFPA staff that worked hard to provide information on the association Web site that is accurate and usable. We are very pleased with the results of their work.

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