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    Portable Extinguisher Stands:Permanent Solutions To Temporary Placement

    By Mark Conroy

    Now, properly mounting fire extinguishers in temporary settings couldn't be easier, thanks to the great selection of Portable Fire Extinguisher Stands available at Brooks. A must for those who lease extinguishers, these stands offer a practical mounting solution to areas where conventional mounting methods are not practical due to missing or unusable walls. Brooks Fire Extinguisher Stands are self supporting and hold any 5, 10, or 20 lb dry chemical extinguisher.They are also specially designed to comply with the mounting heights for extinguishers, as prescribed in NFPA 10, Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers. Some common applications are:

    Construction Job Sites Carnivals
    New Buildings Under Construction Outdoor Music Festivals
    Building Renovations Farmer’s Markets
    Aircraft Hangars Food Festivals
    Parking Garages Wine and Beer Tastings
    Convention and Exhibit Halls Sporting Events
    Work Shops Craft Fairs
    Repair Garages Outdoor Welding Operations
    Wedding Tents Parking Lots

    Fire Extinguishers Stands

    FES1 Jobsite Extinguisher Stand Steel/Plastic
    FMRGC Stackable Extinguisher Stand HDPE Plastic
    FES2 Cabinet Extinguisher Stand* Fiberglass

    *Used in conjunction with the FGC26 fiberglass cabinet

    Anywhere there is a need or requirement for an extinguisher that cannot be permanently mounted is an application for a Brooks Fire Extinguisher Stand. The FES1 or FES2 can also be filled with sand for those installations that need more stability against the wind. They are intended for re-use, too, so lease them along with an extinguisher for any location that needs a temporary extinguisher.

    Don’t let your competition beat you out for temporary extinguisher installs. Keep these Fire Extinguisher Stands ready to go. They pay for themselves after just a couple of installs (small investment, big returns). Keep safety in mind and provide extinguishers and sturdy stands at any location where a temporary extinguisher might be needed in the event of a fire emergency.

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