• Pocket Price Guide Help Sheet

    1. What is the Pocket Price Guide?

      Answer: The Brooks Pocket Price Guide was created to allow you to access your product pricing electronically—desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Designed to complement our Brooks Digital Catalogs, the Pocket Price Guide includes product details, with enlarged images, in addition to their prices. And once you have found the item you are looking for, you can click the Brooks Website tab to place your order.

    2. How do I login?

      Answer: The steps are the same as getting web login users setup for the Brooks Website. Right now, customers can add any of their users, with a web login, using their email and contact information from the “View/Edit Authorized Users.” Creating additional website logins Editing an account contact

    3. How do I recover my password?

      Answer: You need to click on “Login.” At the bottom, click on “Forgot your password?” That takes you to a page where you enter your email address to recover your password. An email gets sent with the password to the registered email address.

    4. Why am I not seeing product pricing?

      Answer: That is based on a permission that is viewable through the Brooks Website. To view this, log in to the website, and click on “View/Edit Authorized Web Users.” That brings up a list of the web users for that account. You will see a “View Pricing” permission for each user that is either “Yes” or “No”. It must be “Yes” for the user to view pricing. If you need to change it, just click on “No” and it will change to “Yes.”

    5. I don’t have a Pocket Price Login. Why isn’t it letting me sign up?

      Answer: If you already have an existing Brooks login, you do not need to sign up. Please use your Brooks login to sign into the Pocket Price Guide.

    6. I am an international account without a US zip code to sign up. How do I sign up?

      Answer: The Pocket Price Guide can be accessed by international accounts using their account number and country code. Once registered, use your Brooks login to access Pocket Price Guide.

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