• Pole Building Saved by Local Resident with Fire Extinguishers

    The Register-Guard

    Oct. 10, 2018

    Portable fire extinguishers can be just as effective in untrained hands as they can be in those trained to handle them.

    Case in point—PLEASANT HILL, Oregon saw a local resident, armed with fire extinguishers, save a building from burning down before fire crews could arrive recently.

    Pleasant Hill Goshen Fire and Rescue were called to a fire at a local pole building early in the morning, where they found a large shop structure with extensive heat and smoke damage inside, but no fire. Using hand tools and thermal imaging cameras, firefighters looked for hot spots, but couldn't locate any.

    According to Fire Chief Andrew Smith, the fire was ruled under control 15 minutes after the fire department arrived.

    There was extensive heat and smoke damage to both the building and its contents, but no one was injured.

    No immediate cause was determined, but it was reported that fire officials would have an investigator look into it.

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