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    Restaurant Systems: Proper Maintenance Increases Reliability

    By Mark Conroy

    Maintenance of restaurant systems is required every six months (see NFPA 17A). Performing proper maintenance assures reliability and helps ensure your customer’s business will be protected in the event of a fire. Here’s a list of the things you need to do at minimum.

    Semi-Annual Maintenance Checklist

      Replace all fusible links in the system.
      Inspect fusible link detection line, link bracket, and linkage scissors for damage and grease build-up.
      Examine conduit and fittings for damage and grease buildup.
      Examine nozzle orifices for obstructions and internal blockage.
      Assure that nozzle blow-off caps or foil seals are in place.
      Activate the system releasing device to assure the system actuates and the gas valve closes. (Note 1)
      Assure corner pulleys operate correctly.
      Reset the system releasing device and then activate the system with the remote pull. (Note 2)
      Weigh and verify the actuation cartridge complies with the stamped weight. (Note 3)
      Check stored pressure cylinder pressure gauge to assure it is in the operable range.
      Examine the actuation cartridge sealing cap for puncture marks or other damage.
      Examine hose assemblies for cracks or damage.
      Check that the hazard area has not changed and examine the entire system for mechanical damage.

    Note 1: Disable system with locking pin and actuation cartridge removal.
    Note 2: Releasing device operates and the gas valve closes.
    Note 3: If cartridge is replaced, record replacement date in the space provided.

    You’ll need certain replacement parts and tools to do this work. Here’s a checklist of the parts and tools you’ll need on hand. Remember to check each item beforehand.

    Restaurant System Maintenance Parts and Tools

    Globe Fusible Links Grease-Tight Seals
    CO2 Cartridges
    Linkage Pliers
    Test Links
    Grease-Tight Adapters
    Nitrogen Cartridges Laser Thermometer
    Linkage Scissors S-Hooks, Crimps, & Cable Micro-Switches Cable Cutter
    Link Brackets Blow-Off Caps Pull Stations
    Cable Crimper
    Corner Pulleys Nozzle Foil Seals Pull Station Guards Pipe Wrench
    Tee Pulleys
    Wet Chemical Agent Break Rods Tubing Cutter
    EMT Conduit Fittings Hood Light Globes Electrical Boxes Locknut Pliers

    Every task you perform correctly, with quality parts, helps ensure safety and reliability for your customer. Quality work means repeat customers and continued revenue for you and your company.

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