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    Extinguisher Hose Straps and Clips: Required Holding Devices

    By Mark Conroy

    An extinguisher with a hose is required to have a “holding device” that will maintain the free end of the hose in position when not in use. The device that is generally accepted for this purpose is a metal or plastic band that fits snugly around the cylinder with a clip, which holds the hose in place. To comply with the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listing requirements, manufacturers supply new extinguishers with a band and clip. Over time, the band or clip becomes damaged or lost, and it is the responsibility of the extinguisher service technician to bring the equipment back into compliance. For most extinguishers, it’s a quick fix that will satisfy your customers, since a hose that is not clipped tends to obstruct passage around the extinguisher and generally is an annoyance. Having a few straps and clips available for service calls is essential.

    Hose Strap and Clips for Stored Pressure Extinguishers


    UHC & UHS33

    Most Cylinders

    Universal Hose Clip & Universal Hose Strap

    Weather-resistant cable tie and stainless steel clip are the most versatile combination

    LCC12 1/2" Hose Only Cable & Clip for 1/2" Hose Plastic one-piece hose and clip
    LCC38 3/8" Hose Only Cable & Clip for 3/8" Hose Plastic one-piece hose and clip

    Hose Straps, Clips, and Accessories for CO2 Extinguishers with “Rapid Discharge” Style (RDH and RDH10) Horns



    10-15 lb CO2
    w/ Aluminum Cylinders

    “OEM Style” CO2 Strap

    Shorter stainless steel strap


    20 lb CO2
    w/ Aluminum Cylinders

    “OEM Style” CO2 Strap Longer stainless steel strap
    RDBACLIP & SET6 10-20 lb CO2

    “OEM Style” CO2 Handle Clip, Screw, & Spacer

    Use with either RDS15 or RDS20
    to hold horn handle to extinguisher

    SHH & UHS33

    10-20 lb CO2

    CO2 Horn Holder & Universal Hose Strap

    Horn slips into clip for extra horn security

    This is an easy revenue generator, but you need to have these products with you on service calls. Next time you see a broken, bent, or missing hose clip, make the quick fix and your customer will be glad you did.

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