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    Restaurant Systems: Ensure Safety by Replacing Lost or Damaged Components

    By Mark Conroy

    NFPA 96, Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Equipment establishes a reasonable level of safety for employees and patrons of restaurants and similar cooking operations. Your knowledge of the safety components that are required by NFPA 96 will enable you to install the most appropriate replacement safety products for your customers’ establishments.

    Grease Filters
    According to NFPA 96, grease filters are required to be listed. Brooks’ filters are UL listed and comply with NFPA requirements. Grease filters are aluminum (good), galvanized steel (better), or stainless steel (best). Some restaurant managers prefer the lightweight aluminum or the economy of galvanized. Let them know you carry all three types of filters and that you can match the sizes of damaged filters.

    Restaurant Grease Filters

    H x W (in) Stainless Galvanized Aluminum
    16 x 16 SSF1616 GVF1616 AF1616
    16 x 20 SSF1620 GVF1620 AF1620
    16 x 25 SSF1625 GVF1625 AF1625
    20 x 16 - GVF2016 AF2016
    20 x 20 SSF2020 GVF2020 AF2020
    20 x 25 SSF2025 GVF2025 AF2025
    25 x 16 - GVF2516 AF2516
    25 x 20 SSF2020 GVF2520 AF2520

    Grease Filter Spacers
    Filter spacers are required to fill voids beside grease filters. Spacers are routinely removed for cleaning and get lost. Cooking without the spacers is unsafe as voids allow the grease vapors to pass by the filters and create a fire hazard in the ductwork. All Brooks’ spacers are 20 gauge, 430 stainless with a brushed finish and are available in 2, 3, or 4 inch widths that match common filter lengths.

    Filter Spacers

    Length (in) Width 2 (in) Width 3 (in) Width 4 (in)
    10 FGF210 FGF310 FGF410
    12 FGF212 FGF312 FGF412
    16 FGF216 FGF316 FGF416
    20 FGF220 FGF320 FGF420
    25 FGF225 FGF325 FGF425

    Grease Filter Locking Handles
    Locking handles are common components of many grease filters and they often get damaged or lost. Locking handles are required in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC. Order replacement locking handles to match existing filters. Brooks’ locking handles are easy to install without any tools.

    Locking Handle Grease Filter*

    H x W (in) P/N
    20 x 20 LHF2020
    20 x 25 LHF2025
    25 x 20 LHF2520

    *Replacement Locking Handles P/N FLH2

    Fryer Panels
    Another component that is critical for safety, and often misplaced or lost, is the fryer panel. NFPA allows fryer panels to be installed where the 16 inch maximum spacing between a fryer and surface flames from an adjacent cooking appliance is not achievable (NFPA 96, Every Brooks’ fryer panel is stainless with a radius cut corner added for safety.

    Fryer Panels

    H x W (in) P/N
    12 x 30 FP1230
    18 x 30 FP1830

    It is unsafe for restaurants to conduct cooking operations without these critical safety components. Help your customers by installing Brooks’ matching replacement safety equipment that is code compliant.

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    Mark Conroy is an engineer in our Boston, MA office and a member of the NFPA 96 Technical Committee © 2017, Brooks Equipment® Company, LLC.

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