• Please to View Utilize A Brooks Recycling Facility

    Utilize A Brooks Recycling Facility

    The Brooks warehouse closest to you is now set up to handle your small sealed lead acid (SSLA) battery recycling needs.

    If you are presently purchasing your SSLA batteries from Brooks Equipment, we will be happy to help you recycle them. Simply stop by one of our warehouse locations with the batteries. But before you do, please take a moment to get familiar with these simple steps to insure your batteries' safe and efficient handling.

    • Only sealed lead acid batteries can be dropped off at a Brooks warehouse for recycling. (No car batteries, or leaking or damaged batteries will be accepted.)
    • Protect the battery terminals from coming into contact with metal or other battery terminals. Use plastic caps, electrical tape or cardboard to cover terminals.
    • Place the batteries upright into sturdy boxes and use packing paper to keep batteries separated.
    • Maximum weight per box is 70 lbs.
    • For larger quantities, use a pallet that can support their weight (batteries must first be boxed at the 70 lb limit per box). Then place them on a pallet (do not stack the boxes over 3' high to avoid crushing lower boxes). Then secure them to the pallet with shrink-wrap and/or bands.

    That's it - quick... simple... and easy... And all at no charge to you!