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    Water Mist Extinguishers: The Ultimate In Protection

    By Mark Conroy

    Water mist extinguishers are, without a doubt, the ultimate extinguishers for deep-seated Class A fires, where potential Class C electrical hazards exist. That’s not only because they are safe to discharge around live electrical equipment, but also because the extinguishing agent works best at soaking into the burning material and cooling the burning embers. Consideration should be given to adding supplemental extinguishers to most buildings because of distinct advantages with water mist. On your next service call, take one along and spend some time with your customer sharing the knowledge.

    The water mist extinguisher has a hose with a special nozzle that discharges the de-ionized water agent in a fine mist spray. For that reason, these extinguishers are preferable for many Class A fire applications, where you don’t want to scatter and spread the burning materials. There’s also no dry chemical cloud, and cleanup with water mist is minimal. Plus de-ionized water is preferable over tap water in regular water extinguishers, because it is extremely low in electrical conductivity (low shock hazard). And low-mineral de-ionized water doesn’t cause unacceptable damage to equipment.

    Water mist fire extinguishers are available in 2.5 and 1.75 gallon sizes and are independently tested by UL to achieve the UL Class C electrical safety rating and 2-A for fire fighting capacity. Therefore, any customer that wants building protection for Class A common combustibles and Class C electrical compatibility, for use without shutting down the electrical supply, will want these extinguishers.

    Extinguishers Comparsion



    Fine Mist Spray Yes No No
    Electrically Safe Yes No Yes
    Soaks Class A Fires Yes Yes No
    Clean Mist Application Yes No No
    Clean De-Ionized Water Yes No No

    Water Mist Extinguisher and Recharge Packs




    Extinguisher 1.75 gal 2-A:C AX270NM
    Extinguisher 2.5 gal 2-A:C AX272NM
    Recharge Pack 1.75 gal N/A AX6702
    Recharge Pack 2.5 gal N/A AX6712

    Remember, water mist extinguishing agents are not permitted to be re-used. When the 5 year hydrostatic test is conducted or a water mist extinguisher is partially discharged all extinguishing agent is required by NFPA 10 to be discarded and replaced with new agent. This eliminates the possibility of contamination and potential problems, so it makes sense.

    For all of these reasons, don’t hesitate to push water mist extinguishers for building protection, since your customer will likely embrace these extinguishers, making his or her business safer, while increasing your revenue.

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