Replacement Lamps



REPLACEMENT LAMPS for exit signs and emergency lighting.


PLEASE NOTE: Brooks Equipment only sells products to Fire/Life Safety Equipment and Service Companies. We do not offer products for direct purchase to private commercial or individual users.

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Features and Specifications

    B170    4V, 7.2W Dbl. Contact Bayonet (11-170)
    B914    4V, 3.6W Miniature Wedge (914) N/A
    B909    6V, 3.7W Miniature Wedge (909)
    B939    6V, 5.4W Miniature Wedge (939) N/A
    B927    4V, 7.2W Miniature Wedge (927) N/A
    BMR16    6V, 5W MR-16 Halogen
    BELPL149    6V, 5.4W MR-24 Replacement Lamp for ELM2 N/A
    B7613    6V, 8W Sealed Beam (PAR36) N/A
    BT82    6V, 6.63W Dbl. Contact Bayonet (11-082)
    B47    6.3V, .9W Single Contact Bayonet (47T3.25)
    BGE90    13V, 7.5W DC Bayonet Lamp N/A
    BH7555    12V, 8W Sealed Beam Halogen (PAR 36) N/A
    B4044    12V, 12W Sealed Beam Lamp N/A
    B912    12V, 12.8W Miniature Wedge (912) N/A
    BPL5    120V, 5W Compact Fluorescent (PL5) N/A
    BPL7    120V, 7W Compact Fluorescent (PL7) N/A
    BPL9    120V, 9W Compact Fluorescent (PL9) N/A
    BF6T5    120V, 6W Miniature Bi-Pin (F6T5)
    BF8T5    120V, 8W Miniature Bi-Pin (F8T5)
    B7C7    120V, 7W Candelabra Screw (7C7)
    BT65DC    120V, 20W Dbl. Contact Bayonet (20T6.5)
    BT65S    120V, 20W Intermediate Screw (20T6.5)
    BT65SF    120V, 20W Intermediate Screw, Frosted (20T6.5)
    B25T10    120V, 25W Medium Screw Base (25T10)
    BT6    145V, 15W Candelabra Screw (15T6)

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