Regulator Test Kit



As required every 12 years, per the Ansul® maintenance manual, this REGULATOR TEST KIT is for testing the Ansul Automan® regulator.

Ansul® is a registered mark of Tyco Fire Products LP.


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  • INSTRUCTIONS:    The following is a summary of the steps necessary to properly test a system regulator. They are to be used only as guidelines for trouble shooting, reviewing the proper procedure, etc. THEY SHOULD IN NO WAY BE CONSIDERED COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS - YOU SHOULD ALWAYS USE THE INSTRUCTIONS CONTAINED IN THE ANSUL® R102 MANUAL. Ansul® requires the regulator to be tested every 12 years. With the enclosure cover removed, insert the lock baron the cocked regulated release mechanism (to cock mechanism, use cocking lever, A15618). Remove cartridge from assembly, install safety shipping cap and set aside in safe location. See the Ansul® R102 System Manual for the proper procedure for preparing the unit for test; they are not included here as there are variations depending on the type of unit. Using union, connect regulator test kit to free end of expellant gas hose. Install cartridge(s) into release mechanism and each regulated actuator provided with the system. (Cartridge should be conditioned to approximately 70°F before test.) With valve on test kit closed, remove lock bar and operate remote manual pull station to actuate the regulated release and supply pressure to each test kit. Flow test each regulator by completeing the following steps: Open test kit valve fully and check gauge while pressure is bleeding off. Gauge reading should stabilize between 95-125 PSI during the first 10 seconds of flow. Pressure will fall off as the cartridge is exhausted of nitrogen. Allow cartridge pressure to completely bleed off, If necessary, continue flow test at each additional regulated actuator by repeating step 7. Cock release mechanism usingcocking leverand insertlock bar. Remove empty nitrogen cartridge(s) from release mechanism and each regulated actuator. Remove test kits If test was not successful, replace regulator. Reconnect all expellant gas lines. Reset all additional equipment that was operated by release mechanism.

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