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Small CO2 Extinguishers – Safe and Effective Protection

By Mark Conroy

Your customers deserve the best protection that can be used immediately when a fire breaks out. Small easy-to-use carbon dioxide (CO2) extinguishers offer this protection. They are extremely effective, do not contaminate the area, and leave no residue. Fire loss will be minimal and localized to the area of fire origin. This generally means no business interruption and revenue generation continues. That makes these compact extinguishers desirable for your customers and ideal for protecting their business. Here is what you need to get these modern fire extinguishers installed where your customers need them most.

Indoor Applications

Small CO2 extinguishers are suitable for indoor use around electrical equipment, valuable documents, laptops and servers, food, and people’s clothing. That is because CO2 does not contaminate, and leaves no residue. These extinguishers have aluminum cylinders which make them lightweight and easy to deploy. They are rated for Class B and C fires and are ideally suited for office environments, hospitals, and light manufacturing where these types of fires can occur.

How it Works

The fire triangle has three sides representing fuel, heat, and oxygen. Those 3 ingredients are needed for a fire to occur and keep burning. Remove any one of those components and the fire is extinguished. When you discharge a CO2 extinguisher, the CO2 dilutes the air to a point where there is not enough oxygen to support a fire.

CO2 Extinguisher Ratings

Compact CO2 Extinguishers

Size Rating Amerex Badger
5 lb 5B:C AX322 21111B
10 lb 10B:C AX330 21106B
15 lb 10B:C AX331 21103B
20 lb 10B:C AX332 21096B

All CO2 extinguishers are rated for Class B and Class C fires. That means they are effective on flammable liquid fires and safe to use around energized electrical equipment. But it is important to de-energize the electrical equipment as soon as possible to eliminate the possibility of re-ignition.

Your customers rely on you for the best fire protection to help keep them operational. During your next service call, evaluate the hazards and install new CO2 extinguishers where your customers agree the protection is appropriate. It will be a win-win, as your customer can expect business continuity and your company will appreciate the added revenue.

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Mark Conroy is an engineer in our Boston office, specializing in fire extinguishers and their applications.

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